About Luciana Paz



I am Luciana Paz, an essential oils and natural health enthusiast, quantum therapist, mother of beautiful twins and passionate about the miracle of life!

This space is dedicated to sharing with you some of the tools that have transformed my life in the past few years towards finding the best version of myself.

4 years ago, I met the essential oils. At the time I had no idea of its power and its effectiveness both physically and emotionally. I spent almost a year using them in me and my family and the results impacted me so much that I could no longer keep this "secret" of nature's power for myself alone!

It was then that I decided to dedicate myself completely and make it my own business, helping other families experience the essential oils and helping them transform their lives, just as I had transformed mine.

More recently I also had the opportunity to experience the power of quantum healing through ThetaHealing® therapy. Once again, a quantum leap showed me that there are no limits to what is possible, and as a result more transformations continued to happen in my life. And this has only added to my work with essential oils and my purpose of bringing to light what is most precious in every human being, their own essence.

As a certified ThetaHealing® therapist, I now also work to help people release limiting beliefs and advance to their full potential. Everything is possible when you allow yourself!

Today I live my life purpose together with a wonderful group of people that the universe has put, and continue to put in my path every day, and who are aligned with this same goal of empowering and transforming lives.

Luciana Paz