Quantum Therapy

ThetaHealing® is an energetic healing technique that helps you instantly identify and release subconscious beliefs, traumas and patterns that are blocking or limiting one or more areas of your life. These blockages may be hindering your professional, personal success, affecting your health, relationships, finances, etc.

This technique is already widespread in more than 40 countries and is based on the principle that our beliefs, emotions and negative thoughts are capable of causing physical, mental or emotional illness.

We already know that based on studies of quantum physics, our external reality is manifested by our internal experiences and our vision of the world. We can only make significant changes in our lives when we reach the root beliefs recorded in the memory of our cells, in our DNA.

Through ThetaHealing®, it is possible to look inwards by deeply reconnecting with your essence, releasing resentments, guilt, fears and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living life to its fullest potential.

How does a session of ThetaHealing®?

A ThetaHealing® session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and can be in person or online.

The session begins with questions brought by the patient that may be of physical, emotional, financial or spiritual origin...

The therapist performs energetic tests to check the root of the problem and from there, consciously and with the patient's permission, the therapist accesses the theta vibratory frequency and removes limiting beliefs and patterns, replacing them with positive beliefs that awaken a potential not previously identified by the patient.

Many times the result is felt immediately, but the number of necessary sessions depends on each person and each situation to be worked on.